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Millions of women would like to control their bladder . If you feel your bladder has a mind of its own, it’s time to take charge.

Designed for women, one daily capsule of Femaxeen® can help you take control of your bladder – not the other way round.

Femaxeen®. Walk free, live free, leak free. Every day.

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"I am a multi-tasking woman - Mum, wife and entrepreneur. I'm constantly in several places at once. My ‘to-do list’ is an endless challenge. Thanks to Femaxeen®, I'm capable of dealing with it. I'm the person who decides about my daily schedule. Not my bladder. Not anymore."

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"As a working woman, self-confidence and finding effective solutions for my customers is a basic tool in my profession. Femaxeen gives me both, plus the control I need to succeed!"

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"As a fitness instructor, I know how to control my muscles, fascia and tendons. My bladder problems forced me to stop working for a while. Thanks to Femaxeen®, I’ve taken control of my bladder again."

Dr Santiago Palacios

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