About Femaxeen®

Incontinence tablet
Natural beauty tablet

* PALACIOS et al., Evaluation of Femaxeen® for control of urinary incontinence in woman. A randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study. 2020 Maturitas 133; 1-6

What’s more

the women taking part in the study said their overall quality of life improved significantly, thanks to Femaxeen®. Even better, no side effects were reported during the study.

In a nutshell, Femaxeen® makes life easier.

For most women trying to manage urinary incontinence, other available choices include protective pads or pants, which help to ‘catch’ urine and prevent pee spills and leakages. Prescription drugs are sometimes used, but they have a long list of potential side-effects which could make them a tricky long-term option.

Simply taking a daily Femaxeen® tablet can help you take control of your bladder’s normal urine function, with no fear of embarrassment, no smells and no disposal problems. It’s also from natural origin with no reported side-effects.

Femaxeen incontinence